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My name is Vanessa angie vasquez palaces

I have 15 years I was born on July 12, 2000

in Girardot Cundinamarca my parents are

vasquez guzman Fabio and palacios Gómez janet

my family nucleus

my household is my mom and

my stepdad who is like my

dad because I consider it so

my mom

My mother's name is janet palacios gomez

43 years old is the person that I trust more

because it will always be for me and I love her

my dad

my father's name is william jose camacho rocha

is Forty nine years gives me a lot

of advice , consent and me is fun

my sister

my sister called Giseth camacho narrow

cuts is 16 lives in Bogota this in eleven

I love artisimo are equally proud ,

very small, fastidosa, peliona but

extroverted and care about others

my pet

my pet name is a very spoiled

girl , loving and playful dog

my friend

my friends I know them a year ago I shared

many moments with them living in Bogota are in

eleven every day and talk to them strange

my hobby

what I like to do is take care of my cousin,

pamper and play with the

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University of the Ibague

This is the University of tolima

it is located in ibague

i study psychology

I Studing

This is the University of tolima

i study Telecommunications Engineering

I Lke Study

I Working

I Working as Telecommunications Engineering

I like my job

Neighborhood friends

They are Neighborhood friends

I enjoy spending time with them

output Pedagogica

We output Pedagogica friends

I had fun with my friends and girlfriend


This Is mi school

I had fun are with my friends

in The School


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